About SpeakerTap.es

Speakertap.es is a library of speaker tapes recorded at conferences, roundups and individual meetings.  This collection of inspirational and educational talks spans as many of the 12-step fellowships as we can find.  Our goal here is to make it easier for those seeking a message of recovery and hope to find one.  We have no profit motive and will not advertise, this site is self-supporting through contributions.


In keeping with the common tradition of non-affiliation this collection does not imply in any way a connection between the speakers, conferences or organizations represented.  The opinions expressed are those of the speakers only.

Due to the nature of the medium there is no way to determine the original source or author of each recording.  The files are assembled from many third-party sources already freely accessible and no copyright infringement is intended.  Speakertap.es does not own or provide an actual or implied license to the audio hosted on this site, it is presented for educational purposes only.